Send Us Your Media:

You may overnight your media to our office to begin the FREE evaluation process. Fill out the Evaluation Form, and ship it with the media to be recovered. Once we have completed the evaluation we can then tell you if your
data is recoverable or not. In most cases, it is recoverable. If recoverable we will then tell you how much it will cost to recover. Once you have approved the Evaluation, the cost will never exceed the amount quoted and approved, GUARANTEED!  You can ship your media overnight by using any of the major shipping companies of your choice such as, FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc.

Diagnostic Evaluation:
We will perform a FREE diagnostic evaluation, usually the same day upon receiving the media. The evaluation will enable us to determine if the data is still intact and most importantly, if the data is still recoverable. Our professional data recovery team, specializes in recovering data from many different media types and formats, so chances are it is recoverable. The condition of the media, the length of time and cost to recover your data, will all be given for your approval after the evaluation. Once fully informed, the customer can decide whether to continue or stop the data recovery process. During this phase we have only examined your damaged media, and have not made any changes or charges, should you refuse the recovery. If the customer then determines that the cost of the recovery exceeds the value of the data and recreating it, or the customer just does not wish to proceed with the recovery at that time, we will send your media back in the exact same condition as when it was received, at the customer's expense.

Data Recovery Services:

Once acceptance to continue the recovery is granted, we will begin the recovery by using our proprietary software and hardware tools. In case the old media cannot be relied upon, we will transfer your recovered data free of charge to the media of your choice such as a new hard drive, jaz, zip, CD, floppies or removable media. A copy of your data will be available to you free of charge for seven business days after we deliver your recovered data to you. This will ensure that you get your data back in case something should go wrong once you receive it or try to install it. Note: This is not always possible with some media. Please ask us if you want to insure it is possible or not with your particular recovery.