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What is Data Recovery Anyway?

Data recovery is the process of retrieving inaccessible information (data), from damaged media like hard drives, bad floppies or zip disks, etc. or from corrupted or missing files and folders, etc. that have become unreadable by conventional means. But, by utilizing highly specialized software, hardware, and techniques, this lost data can most often be recovered.

What causes data loss?

Data loss results from any number of factors: mechanical failure, manufacturing defects, file structure corruption, viruses, formatting, sabotage, dropped media, fire, water and other natural disasters, thus rendering the data unreadable by conventional means. After a data loss most computer users will just reformat their media and start all over. Others might purchase an 'off the shelf' data recovery software package and just end up destroying what little chance they might have had in recovering the lost data. If the data is important, then it is imperative that you take it to a data recovery professional. Experts who know exactly what needs to be done to recover your lost data.

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